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My Approach

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My practice integrates the profound insights of ancient meditation traditions with the practical wisdom of modern psychology and evidence-based approaches. Together we will explore how to live more fully in the present moment, beyond the confines of our habitual thoughts and emotional reactions.

I find cognitive-strategies to be helpful in identifying distorted thinking patterns. I will notice if you are judging yourself unfairly, engaging in black-and-white thinking, catastrophizing difficult situations, or inaccurately assessing risk and impending rejection. If you are living from your thoughts or you identify as the voice in your head, you are likely in some degree of distress. You can start to bring non-judgmental awareness to thoughts and shift away rather than be hooked by them.


We will also address emotions together using mindfulness and somatic, body-centered approaches. People generally want to be content but tend to have difficulty tolerating other emotional states. Stress and worry can feel unbearable. Sadness feels like a heavy blanket that you have to fight off. The resistance of normal, human fluctuation in mood often makes things worse. You may distract yourself by maintaining a frenetic pace at work, using alcohol to numb emotional pain, or exercising excessively.


We will practice presence, using the breath and body as the focus of attention. As thoughts arise (they always do -- there's no stopping them), you can lose interest in the story. Any sensations in the body are “invited in.” What we resist tends to persist, so instead we allow. We meet these sensations with patience, warmth, and openness. We discover together that your emotional states are actually tolerable and temporary.

You are not limited to the sum of your traumas and past experiences. Within you is the capacity for enduring love, peace, and contentment. You can step back and embody the core Self—a concept in Internal Family Systems (IFS) that represents the compassionate, confident, calm, and curious center of our being. 

What always underlies my work is warmth, compassion and acceptance. I help my clients to foster self-compassion, to shift away from beliefs about being deficient or broken. I help people to see their inherent goodness.


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